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White Marble Textures

Get ready to swoon over these modern marble kitchens. Shop; … textures, and grains … The polished surface of the white marble kitchen bar shines alongside … This marble countertop would add transition to the room with the different shades of grey and white. It also adds visual texture. Find this Pin and more on […]

Uses for Marble Textures

High Quality Abstract Background Textures – 56 Images Arts & Entertainment Marble dust has various contemporary uses, both in the arts and in industry. According to the Sinopia Pigments website, marble is what is known … The Visual Elements – Texture – Artyfactory Uses of Marble in Architecture, Sculpture, Design, and … Uses of Marble […]

Marble Textures

Free textures for graphic artists, web designers and 3D modelers! Free textures for use in Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender, Secondlife, etc! Below are 10 Premium Marble Textures you will love. They are perfect for anything from a WordPress Theme or a banner to any kind of paper stationery, posters, p(…) 大理石纹理可用于不同场景,尤其作为产品展示的背景。素材包共包含10个独特的无缝的白色大理石纹理,可以使用 […]